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29 April 12
shouldn’t be laughing at other people’s paper
I can’t
help it

shouldn’t be laughing at other people’s paper


I can’t

help it

19 November 11

Blog moved.

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(you’ll notice this one is now notchrist-onabike.)

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Extended Serenity Theme

(A mash-up of “Serenity” and “End Credits” from the Serenity OST by David Newman) 

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“Prep for Flight” from Serenity by David Newman

This soundtrack is remarkable.

The gorgeous solo cello at the beginning: that’s the Serenity theme, heard so often throughout the film. It’s sometimes sad and melancholy, as heard here, and other times perfectly adventurous and mischievous, as heard in the title track/end credits on guitar. I love the fact that essentially the same theme is used for both of those moods. That’s the whole essence of Firefly/Serenity - there’s gunslinging adventure and mischief and action, but so much emotion underneath. But I digress. I wanted to talk about this track in particular.

Listen at 0:45 - it sounds like a breeze. Like Wash’s wind. I think that sound represents the spirit that keeps Serenity flying - and it’s so beautiful here, because she will keep flying, even after the hardships she’s just been through, and even though we won’t get to fly with her anymore. At 0:56, you can hear raindrops falling on the ship. Mal and River are sitting on the bridge, watching them streak the windshield. The bass comes back in at 1:00 - that’s the engines starting. It’s time to go. Farewell, Serenity. (But not before Mal says a few simple words about love.)

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5 November 11

Hey, followers~

If you’re wondering where I’ve been, I have moved! Feel free to unfollow this blog and follow the new one. Or don’t.

The new one is basically this blog, just… newer.

28 August 11

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(Quelle: ofcatvomit)

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Yeah I’m going to do it

I’m going to make a new blog

it’ll probably look the same, I’ll have the same URL, maybe the same icon because I can’t be bothered to find a new one

I’ll leave this one up so I can look back and laugh and cry and maybe reblog a few things from here

Don’t feel the need to follow me if you don’t want to. The new blog will be pretty much exactly like this one, so if you’re unhappy with it now… you won’t be happy with the new one.

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